Like the Mind

Art Destroys Silence (Like the Mind)

Like the Mind is a new instrumental ensemble led by Meredith Bates made up of six award-winning female musicians from Canada and Sweden. Peggy Lee (cello), Lisa Ullén (piano), Meredith Bates (violin), Lisen Rylander Löve (saxophone), Elisa Thorn (harp), and Emma Augustsson (cello).

Gentle Party

Trophies (Gentle Party)

Gentle Party is an avant chamber pop ensemble that pioneers a unique, expansive sound distinct to the quartet’s West Coast roots. The hauntingly evocative voice of Jessicka rests on a bed of luscious strings from Meredith Bates (violin), Shanto Acharia (cello) and Elisa Thorn (harp). The music conjures images of pandemonium and playfulness contrasted with stark heartbreak. Their debut album, Jouska, was recorded with award winning producer Chris Gestrin with the support of the Canada Arts Council.

Tony Wilson’s Burn Down the Cornfield

Suite from This Way Through the Forest (Tony Wilson)

Guitarist/composer Tony Wilson is one of the most important figures in Canadian Jazz, and has been a staple of the Vancouver/Pacific Northwest music community for decades, bringing an instantly-recognizable atmosphere and melodic sense to any music he is involved in creating. With his new project, Burn Down the Cornfield, Wilson layers intricate melodies and polyrhythms with a jazz trio of bass/drums/guitar that has been augmented by a string quartet and vocals: with Joshua Zubot and Meredith Bates violins, John Kastelic viola, Peggy Lee cello, James Meger bass, Dylan van der Schyff drums, and Patsy Klein vocals. This concert celebrates the release of their debut CD, This Way Through The Forest (2019).

Peggy Lee’s Echo Painting

Painting Echoes (Peggy Lee)

The idea, says Lee, was “to bring together some of my longstanding band members with some of the younger players that I had recently begun to collaborate with. I wasn't thinking about specific instruments really, just the players that I was excited about working with. The name to me simply speaks of our efforts to make sense of our world through artistic practice. And of course there are echoes of much of the music that has been meaningful to me over the years.” (She cites Carla Bley and Charlie Haden’s Liberation Music Orchestra as inspirations.) With many colours to draw upon, the music is multi-layered and texturally varied, featuring driving rhythmic vamps, incendiary improvisation and sometimes achingly beautiful melodic compositions.

Pugs and Crows

Postcards from Hospital Beds (Pugs and Crows)

On their fourth full-length album UNCLE!, JUNO Award winning Vancouver indie rock jazz art folk instrumentalists Pugs & Crows join forces with vocalist Marin Patenaude. Patenaude’s earthy, soulful voice coupled with the band’s trademark cinematic pacing, melodicism, and gritty elegance transports the music to new heights. Showcasing the 10 year long collaboration between an ensemble of individually accomplished and highly sought after players, Pugs and Crows has emerged as one of Vancouver’s most prominent instrumental bands, earning a rabid following of fans from all corners. Their third release, Everyone Knows Everyone, snagged a 2016 West Coast Music Award for Best Instrumental Album, adding to momentum that has been building since their 2013 JUNO win and this year’s nomination to the 2016 Polaris Prize Longer List. Praised for their “music of great strength and beauty” by The Georgia Straight, and as “rejuvenating, visceral and absolutely stunning” by the CBC, Pugs and Crows continues to bring new fans into the West Coast’s rich tradition of creative music.

Very Good

If Duke Ellington, Leonard Cohen, Bjork, and Shostakovich made music together, would it be very good? This Vancouver band and wide fan base says a resounding "yes!" Winners of the 2010 Galaxie Rising Star Award, the ensemble combines a huge variety of musical interests. Very Good has been labeled as theatrical avant-pop and ethnic chamber rock, but we just call it colourful, fun, very good music.


Icicle (Tom Wherrett)

ElkHorn creates compelling music inspired by guitarist/composer Tom Wherrett’s Nebraskan childhood. Elements of Americana, jazz, post-rock, and folk make for a sublime and imaginative trip to where the west begins. With Meredith Bates violin/viola, Russell Sholberg bass, Sam Davidson bass clarinets, Mike Magnusson drums.

Dixie’s Death Pool

Active from 1991 to present as Dixie's Death Pool leader, Lee Hutzulak has worked with an ever changing line-up to produce miniature studio epics, characterized by a startling variety of atmospheres, evocative vocals, melodies, and quirky pop hooks.

Ford Pier and Strength of Materials

If I Could Keep It With Me (Ford Pier)

Vancouver guitar icon and composer extraordinaire, Ford Pier, unleashes his latest project, Strength of Materials, introducing his ear-astounding canon of rock-meet-art-songs. Backed by a quartet of Vancouver's finest string players (Violinists Elyse Jacobson & Meredith Bates, Violist, John Kastelic, and Cellist, Peggy Lee), the ensemble is ready to rock.

Sound Circus

Iceberg (M. Bates)

This international Sextet (with members from Canada, USA, Belgium, Ireland, Norway and Switzerland) met in Spring 2009 in the Rocky Mountains during the "Banff international Workshop for Jazz and Creative Music", led by world-renowned trumpet player and composer Dave Douglas. Sound Circus creates music which is the sum of all its parts. Each member of the ensemble infuses their personality and cultural background into the music and the result is compositions that are layered and rich in vivid imagery.

Duos, Trios, and Improvisations

Ballet For BC (C. Schmidt)

Meredith Bates (violin) & Michal Vanoucek (piano)

Iceberg (M. Bates)

Meredith Bates (violin), Chad McCullough (trumpet), Andrew Oliver (piano)